Holding a coin in his wallet, every day one of the holders will receive 50 coins from the team

What is FART COIN created for?

FART COIN (FRTC) — coin created to determine your luck. Holding a coin in his wallet, every day one of the holders will receive 50 coins from the team. The lucky winner is selected from a list of holders. Of all the issued coins, 30% is received by the creator for the development of software tasks, games.  

Contract: 0x88B985007d714d1578BCcdEc2303212c14946cdC | Decimals: 18 | Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000 FRTC


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PancakeSwap is an automated market maker — a decentralized finance application that allows users to exchange tokens, providing liquidity via farming and earning fees in return. To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of Pancakeswap. It launched in September 2020 and is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap uses an automated market maker model where users trade against a liquidity pool. These pools are filled by users who deposit their funds into the pool and receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens in return. These tokens can later be used to reclaim their share of the pool, as well as a portion of the trading fees. These LP tokens are known as FLIP. PancakeSwap also allows users to farm additional tokens such as CAKE and SYRUP. On the farm, users can deposit LP tokens and get rewarded with CAKE. PancakeSwap allows users to trade BEP20 tokens, provide liquidity to the exchange and earn fees, stake LP tokens to earn CAKE, stake CAKE to earn more CAKE and stake CAKE to earn tokens of other projects.


What Is DEXTools? DEXTools is an app and ecosystem for traders that provides info about all the decentralized markets. Assimilating blockchain data into one comprehensive UI, DEXTools allows you to have a clear vision about your trading, investments, and the current state of the cryptomarket. DEXT is the native utility token that is used for: Accessing the top tier features of the app through holding or monthly subscription. Accessing the premium trading group and community initiatives like DEXT Force Ventures. DEXT tools include: Pool Explorer lets you follow the liquidity movements and formation of new pools on decentralized exchanges. Pair Explorer allows you to check the charts and transactions of a token in addition to the trust and metrics of a project. Wallet info gives you the power to track and follow your favorite trader’s wallets. Big Swap Explorer lets you track whales and big transactions. Multiswap opens up multiple DEX portals to speed up your trading response time.


CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular services for tracking the dynamics of cryptocurrencies, as well as the main source of data about the digital asset market and cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can use it to analyze market capitalization data on cryptocurrencies and track virtual coin rankings.


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MelegaSwap is the new black decentralized exchange on BNB Chain providing friendly trading and better project support as well as the the widest range of farms and pools with HIGH APR. A total black design, an original name, a distinctive logo, a strong orientation towards marketing support for the listed projects are the key points of a project that aims to become one of the first staking platforms in the world.

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